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Chlorophyll Fluorometer for Phytoplankton



Chlorophyll Fluorometer for Phytoplankton

The WATER-PAM-II is next to PHYTO-PAM-II, the instrument of choice for phytoplankton analysis. It can be used for laboratory cultures as well as natural water samples when very low chlorophyll contents of samples require ultra-sensitive fluorescence detection.

The WATER-PAM-II is a portable cuvette system for analysing the photosynthetic activity of a wide variety of phytoplankton samples. The light weight instrument offers a wide range of applications thanks to its large sensitivity spectrum, the ability to easily switch between red or blue light mode (measuring light and actinic light) and a variety of accessories such as a flow-through cuvette.

The WATER-PAM-II provides detailed analysis of the photosynthetic activity of the phytoplankton sample including quenching parameters as a stand-alone instrument or with WinControl-3 software via an external computer. In addition to simple single measurements, analysis protocols such as induction curves and light curves can be performed with easy-to-use program routines.

A new feature for WATER-PAM-II instruments is the differential analysis of algal content, providing a tool to determine the composition of algae populations with respect to three algae groups (green algae, cyanobacteria and brown algae), based on differences in the F-spectrum of these algal groups. A deconvoluted/differential analysis of photosynthetic activity of mixed algal samples is provided by PHYTO-PAM-II instruments.

The extensive scope of delivery includes several cuvettes, a cuvette stand and the US-SQS/L Light Sensor for precise light calibration.

Accessories for WATER-PAM-II:
•  WATER-II/S Stirrer (device controlled) to prevent settling of sample
•  PHYTO-II/FT Flow-Through Cuvette with WATER-II/FT/I Pump Control 0-10 V for automated sampling
•  BCS-9590 Barcode Scanner for comfortable labelling of samples



New WATER-PAM-II: a major upgrade to our popular WATER-PAM, including multicolor LEDs for determining algal composition