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Portable Gas Exchange Fluorescence System


Control Unit 3100-C

Gas Analyzer

The Control Unit 3100-C of the GFS-3000 contains a high accuracy non-dispersive 4-channel infrared gas analyzer for the determination of CO2 (0-3000 ppm) and H2O (0-75000 ppm) with 20 cm optical path length, 6 ml gold plated cells. The specially developed dual-frequency chopper technology allows simultaneous assessment of differential and absolute signal.


The analyzer is optimized for a very stable and accurate differential signal. The differential zero is indicated, allowing clear information about the stability of the measurement. Due to the separation of analyzer and measuring head, the measuring head temperature does not influence the analyzer.

Control Unit 3100-C

CO2 Control

The integrated CO2 control ranges from 0 to 2000 ppm CO2. The CO2 supply can be filled from cartridges. One cartridge contains 8 g, and provides CO2 (340 ppm, standard flow rate) continuously for more than 48 hours. The actual CO2-reserve is indicated. An external CO2-cylinder equipped with pressure reducer (6 bar) can be directly attached to the control unit.

Flow Control

Air flow through the cuvette is exactly adjusted between 300-1400 μmol s-1 by a membrane pump controlled by a high precision electronic mass flow-meter. The mechanical flow indicators directly indicate flow balance and cuvette tightness.


Humidity Control

The humidity control for drying and humidifying ranges from 0 to nearly 100% r.h. It consists of a drying and humidifying column and an automatic valve.



The Control Unit 3100-C can be operated using various power solutions. The newly designed LiFePo4 battery power system provides advantages such as longer operation duration, longevity and trouble-free shipping. Two LiFePo4 batteries 3035-A batteries can be connected simultaneously to the control unit, resulting in a total operation time of 6 to 9 hours. A compartment at the bottom of the control unit provides room for one battery system. Since the Control Unit 3100-C has a wide range DC voltage input, also car batteries (12 - 24 V) can be connected. In the laboratory the GFS-3000 can be operated via the external AC Power Supply 3020-N.


Campo di misura
CO2 0 ...3000 ppm
H2O 0 ... 75000 ppm
Limite di errore
<0.2 ppm CO2
<30 ppm H2O
0.01 ppm CO2
1 ppm H2O
12.8 V / 15 Ah
Condizioni ambientali
Temperatura -5 ..+45 °C
Dimensioni e peso
Dimensioni 43 cm x 28 cm x 27 cm
Peso 12,1Kg
2 anni