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Fluorometer for Long-term Monitoring of Photosynthesis



The multi-site chlorophyll fluorometer MONITORING-PAM operates several emitter-detector heads in parallel. A clip attached to each head positions the sample at defined distance and angle. Two types of emitterdetector heads are available which are specially designed for long-term operation in the field or under water.

Each emitter-detector head is equipped with a blue power LED. Based on exact timing of function, this LED provides modulated fluorescence excitation light, actinic light and saturation flashes. A lens focuses the LED radiation on the sample, and collects fluorescence. Maximum saturation pulse intensity at sample level exceeds 8500 ╬╝mol m-2 s-1.

Measuring end of emitter-detector unit MONI-HEAD/485. Light paths of fluorescence excitation and detection as well as for ambient light measurements are indicated.

The emitter-detector heads detect modulated fluorescence at wavelengths > 650 nm. At the same time, the intensity of external photosynthetically active radiation at sample level is recorded by measuring the light reflected by a diffuse Teflon reflector mounted in-plane with the sample.

For monitoring of land plants, TERRESTRIAL versions of the MONITORING-PAM are available, and for studies of submarine plants, AQUATIC versions are provided. The ONLINE configurations of both systems require permanent connection to the mains and to a Windows computer via the interface MONI-IB4/LAN (TERRESTRIAL version) or MONI-IB4/LANS (AQUATIC version). Also, computer connection by Ethernet is feasible. The STAND-ALONE configurations can be operated by battery-powered data acquisition units and, thus, are independent of line power.


RS232, USB o Ethernet
Dimensioni e peso
Dimensioni: 12 x 9.3 x 3 cm (L x W x H)
Peso 400g