Inseguitore solare

Caratteristiche funzionali

The Automatic Solar Tracker, Model SMT was developed to allow convenient automatic pointing of normal incidence solar radiation measuring instruments (NIP, sNIP, AHF) at the sun. Due to its robust design, users have continued to expect solar trackers to do more and more and the SMT does not disappoint. Eppley offers an optional Shade Disk Kit, Model SDK that allows for shading and ventilation of pyranometers and pyrgeometers. During Intercomparisons, it is not uncommon to see four or more AHF Cavity Radiometers on a single tracker. The current version (Mod E) employs a control unit based on a refurbished HP Palmtop computer (supplied) housed in the control unit’s weather proof housing.


Posizionamento 0.01875º per step
Accuratezza lunzo termine <1º / mese
Alimentazione 110 VAC o 220 VAC
Consumo 100 W
Condizioni ambientali
Latitudine -180 ... +180°
Temperatura operativa -50º .. +70ºC
Umidità: 0-100% RH
Vento : 0...70 mph
Dimensioni e peso
Ingombro: altezza 16"; diametro 18"
Peso: 70 lb
2 anni