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Professional weather stations


Base Station


The MetPak Base Station is capable of monitoring barometric pressure, air temperature, humidity and dew point. The unit features an on-board high accuracy barometric pressure sensor and a Rotronic Hygroclip HC2-S3 temperature/humidity probe housed in a naturally aspirated radiation shield.


MetPak with Integrated WindSonic


This all-in-one variant of the MetPak features the same on-board sensors as the Base Station, with an integrated WindSonic ultrasonic wind sensor for high accuracy wind speed and direction measurement. 


MetPak Remote Wind Sensor Options


For users who require a remotely mounted wind sensor or who have more specialist wind sensing requirements, MetPak can also be specified with one of Gill's range of 2-axis or 3-axis ultrasonic wind sensors.

The selected sensor is mounted remotely, up to 10m away from the Base Station typically on a mast or tower.

Temperature: -35 .. +70°C
Humidity: 0..100% RH
Pressure: 600 ..1100hPa
Wind direction : 0 .. 359°
Wind speed: 0 .. 60m/s
Temperature: ±0.1°C
Humidity: ±0.8% @ 23°C
Pressure: ±0.5hPa
Wind direction: ±3° @12m/s
Wind speed: ±2% @12m/s
Temperature: 0.1°C
Humidity: 0.1% RH
Pressure: 0.1hPa
Wind direction: 1°
Wind speed: 0.01m/s
Serial RS232 o RS422 o RS485 (user selectable)
ASCII, SDI-12 V1.3 o NMEA 0183
5 .. 30 V (< 16mA @12 V)
Temperature: -35... +70°C
Protection class: IP65
Humidity: 0..100% RH
Size & Weight
Dimension: 348 x 287 x 142mm
Weight: 2.1Kg
2 years