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KIT with multi-parameter soil sensor. Direct calcultaion of ECp


WET150 - NEW low cost research multiparameter sensor

• Measures humidity, temperature and directly calculates the ECp of the water available to the plant

• SDI-12 for easy system integration

• Extendable cable system

• 5 year guarantee

WET150 is the new digital multi-parameter soil sensor that contributes to optimal management for a better harvest at reduced costs. WET150 represents the culmination of forty years of research and development at Delta-T Devices. Through a series of design innovations it offers research-level accuracy and construction quality at a price previously not thought possible. It is the ideal sensor for soil condition research and for integration into environmental and horticultural measurement and control systems.

When buried or inserted into the substrate, the WET150 sensor simultaneously measures three crucial variables that influence plant growth: moisture content, temperature and electrical conductivity with direct calculation of the electrical conductivity in the "Pore Water" (ECp), circulating water available to the roots of the plant. The temperature measurements, essential to compensate for the EC measurement, are taken in the area of ​​the roots, thus ensuring the highest accuracy.
WET150 therefore allows accurate monitoring to determine the levels of fertilizer which strongly influence the cultivation and therefore optimal management in the various phases.

WET 150 KIT, developed for researchers, agricultural consultants and growers the kit contains:
- New WET150 multi-parameter soil sensor for effective salinity monitoring.
- WET150 Meter portable reader
- 90 cm cable and M12 connector
- Transport case


Robust research grade sensor to detect in soil or substrates:
- The only one with accurate direct calculation of the ECp, conductivity of the circulating "Pore Water" solution available at the roots
- Temperature
- Volumetric content of water in the soil
Output: SDI-12 protocol v1.3
Low cost research level sensor
5-year free warranty by registering on the Delta-T website

Main specifications

Electric conducibility

- Measurement range: 0..2000 mS/m
- Accuracy:  ±5% ±10 mS/m (Typical 2σ)
- Configurable measurement units: mS/m, mS/cm, µS/cm

- Measurement range: -20°C..+60°C
- Accuracy: ±1%

Volumetric content of water in the soil
- Measuring range: 0.05..1m³/m³
- Accuracy: ±3%
Protection class: IP68


The internal algorithm of WET150, developed over years of experimentation, calculates and directly indicates ECp.

Ecp monitoring to produce more with less fertilizer

For some crops, the difference between an insufficient or excessive level of fertilizer is minimal and can only be determined with the ECp.
Typically, with about 40% soil moisture, the ECp can be more than three times higher than the raw bulk EC figure. WET150 therefore allows an adequate control of the critical salinity thresholds and to determine the right levels of fertilizer for a more profitable quality agriculture.

NB - For a correct use, the WET150 probe must be completely buried for 2 to 5 minutes. However, it may take longer if the temperature difference between the air and the ground is very large.
For all the characteristics, the attached technical data sheet applies.




WET150 KIT - The only multi-parameter soil sensor with accurate direct calculation of the ECp.

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