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Moisture Meter


  • Immediate display of water content
  • Reads ML3, SM150T, PR2 (analogue and SDI-12) or WET sensor 
  • Stores up to 1500 time-stamped readings

The HH2 Moisture Meter is a versatile readout unit for use with Delta-T soil moisture sensors. It can be used with the PR2 Profile Probe (both analogue and SDI-12* versions), ML3 ThetaProbe, SM150T and WET Sensors.


The HH2 readout unit offers impressive functionality in a compact, hand-held unit, designed for field use. Readings are displayed on the LCD and can be stored to memory for later download to a PC.


The unit can be operated with one hand, for convenience in the field. Each time-stamped reading includes a unique sample number, a plot identification number (A to Z), and a sensor location number (1 to 255).


Data is transferred to a PC using the RS-232 cable provided with each unit. The HH2Read Windows PC software provides a data import wizard for direct download into Excel or other PC spreadsheet packages, or into irrigation scheduling programs. Alternatively, data can be downloaded in comma-separated ASCII data file (.CSV) format.


*Please note that the HH2 only reads SDI-12 digital data from the PR2 SDI-12 Probe – it is not a general purpose SDI-12 meter. 



Ingressi analogici 0 .. 1.5Vcc
Ingresso TTL WET
Analogica ±0.13% della lettura + ±1mV
Ingresso analigico 1mV
Seriale RS232
Batteria 9V alkaline
Temperatura operativa 0..+40°C
Grado di protezione IP54
Size & Weight
Dimensioni 150 x 80 x 40mm
Peso 450g
2 anni


WET-2 Sensor

How it works