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Dual-channel Photosynthesis Yield Analyzer


The TOXY-PAM fluorometer is a compact device featuring two ports for round cuvettes. Eight membrane keys allow easy instrument control in the standalone mode. The instrument can by powered by its integrated battery. The TOXY-PAM can also be operated under computer control using the ToxyWin software which runs under Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP.

The TOXY-PAM measures PAM fluorescence and performs saturation pulse analyses from which automatically effective photosynthesis yields. From the difference of yields in the two measuring compartments, the degree of inhibition is evaluated in percent and in Diuronequivalents (μg Diuron L−1). These inhibition parameters are stored and statistically evaluated.

TOXY-PAM fluorometer in stand-alone mode.

The TOXY-PAM is widely used for detection of phytotoxic substances in water samples (e.g. drinking water and water used in food industry, as well as surface waters of lakes, rivers and oceans). For this purpose, standardized suspensions of thylakoids or unicellular algae may serve as photosynthetically active biotest material to detect a large number of toxic substances which affect the enzymatic steps of photosynthesis as well as parts of the associated cell metabolism.


λ > 700 nm per TOXY-PAM/R
λ > 640 nm per TOXY-PAM
Seriale RS232
12 V 2Ah, circa 24 ore di autonomia
Temperatura operativa -5 .. +45°C
2 anni