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Sunshine Pyranometer for the measurement of Global and Diffuse radiation and Sunshine duration


Patented instrument for the measurement of global and diffuse radiation and sunshine duration without moving parts.

It is really ease to use, since it does not need neither routine adjustments nor polar alignment anywhere on the globe.

It is equipped with an internal heater that allows use down to -40 ° C ensuring reliable readings even in difficult climatic conditions.

At the link SPN1 Resource Center you can find a wide range of applications and information regarding the use of SPN1.

The measurement of the radiation and its incident components are carried out using an "array" of 7 thermopiles and a model generated by a computer.

The threshold set by WMO of 120 W.m-2 on a plane perpendicular to the direct solar beam.

The Pyranometer SPN1 uses an algorithm based on the ratio of direct and diffuse radiation, combined with their absolute values, to estimate the duration of radiation a few percent of the WMO standard.

SPN1 provides two analogue voltage outputs for global and diffuse radiation and one digital RS232 output for the duration of the radiation.


0 to >2000 W.m-2
Analog output 0 – 2500 mV


SPN1 Pyranometer: chosen for the largest polar research expedition ever to measure solar radiation (MOSAiC).