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Acquisition, processing and data transfer


GreenLOG is a modular, powerful and customizable data acquisition and processing system designed for use in research and industry, from meteorology to agrometeorology, ecology, geophysics and other fields. GreenLOG is a Linux-based platform.


  • High data acquisition speed: up to 100 Hz (Eddy Correlation)
  • 4 serial interfaces and wide availability of multiplexers
  • Up to 160 analog inputs/outputs and up to 48 digital inputs/outputs
  • Processing: standard and on demand
  • Unique with peripheral units


Fast data acquisition

Large memory capacity (up to 4GB FLASH), combined with the possibility of data transfer to the server, makes it possible to acquire high-frequency signals (up to 100Hz) from multiple sensors even for long periods of time (up to a few months).



The availability of 4 serial interfaces, the use of a wide range of multiplexers and a great processing capacity allow for the creation of even complex systems suitable to acquire and process a considerable number of variables from different sensors.


Peripheral units          

When measurement points are placed on large surfaces, GreenLOG, using peripheral acquisition units, drastically eliminates or reduces both the number of cables and the disturbances associated with data transfer.

These peripheral acquisition units, located near the various sensors, acquire and locally convert the signal in serial format, thus avoiding the typical disturbances of analog signals, transmitting it to the central unit up to 1200 m via BUS cable or up to 7 km by radio.




GreenLOG provides high connectivity with the outside world, achieved through the availability of:


  • HTTP server that provides an interactive user interface with any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac).
  • FTP client for transferring data files over the internet, automatically and at programmable times, to an FTP location, protected by password
  • NTP client for clock synchronization, via the Internet
  • SSH server for remote system maintenance.


Communication with the outside


  • Ethernet cable or WIFI option
  • Remote management with any internet connection (PC, mobile, ...)
  • Ability to transfer data to FTP servers


GreenLOG communicates with the outside via ethernet cable and, thanks to the Linux operating system, does not require any software to be managed.

Option: GreenLOG can be equipped with GSM/GPRS MODEM.

The data is stored in CSV format and can be imported into Excel.


To communicate with the GreenLOG system, simply launch a browser and type the address of the system.


User interface


The interface on the system allows the user to:


  • Set the parameters for the network connection
  • Set the system date and time
  • Set acquisition and processing intervals
  • Select the processing mode for each acquired measurement
  • Set acquisition start and end date and time
  • Set out how to automatically transfer acquired data


At this Link you can see a system in operation


Processor: Vortex 86x@300Mhz
Integrated FLASH memory: 128 MB..4 GB
Backup pen driver
Operation: continuous or Intermittent
Intermittent interval: 2 min .. 24 hours
Intermittent interval: 2 min .. 24 hours
Processing interval: 5 sec .. 24 hours
Type of processing: scalar and vector average, maximum and minimum totalization, standard deviation and on demand
Processing: standard and at the request of the customer
Serial: 1..4
Ethernet: 10Mbps
Analog inputs @16bit: 4..160
Digital inputs: 2..48
Analog outputs: 2..160
Digital outputs: 2..48
Battery: 12 Vcc
Power grid: 220 Vac with buffer battery option
Operating temperature: -20..+70 degrees Celsius
Humidity: 0..100%
Protection Grade: IP55 (IP65 on demand)
Size & Weight
Varying weight and size
2 years