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Underwater Chlorophyll Fluorometer


The DIVING-PAM fluorometer was derived from the particularly robust and reliable MINI-PAM device. A particular feature of the DIVING-PAM is the cylinder-shaped waterproof housing which is comfortable to handle underwater. A highly flexible fiberoptics and a range of purpose-tailored sample holders, as well as light, temperature, and depth sensors complete the basic DIVING-PAM equipment.

All settings and functions of the DIVING-PAM can be accessed by eight retro-reflective photoelectric switches. For long-term assessment of photosynthesis, the instrument can also be operated by a computer via a special underwater cable.

In situ photosynthesis measurements by the DIVING-PAM.

In the stand-alone mode, the measurement of the effective photochemical quantum yield just requires tapping on the START field. Then the fluorescence level, F, and the maximal level, Fm’, are measured. The effective photosynthesis yield is automatically calculated according to Y(II) = (Fm’-F)/Fm’. Data of F, Fm’ and Y(II) are displayed and stored internally for later analysis.


0 ... 20000 µmol m-2s-1 PAR
1 µmol m-2s-1 PAR
Seriale RS232
Batteria 12V 2Ah
Size & Weight
Dimensioni: 19 cm x 39 cm
Peso 3,7Kg
2 anni